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VMDK Hosting is your one stop solutions provider for VMDK hosting, Physical To Virtual (P2V) conversions, High Availability (HA) clusters, Enterprise SAN storage, and backup services. Our services are geared towards those who are interested in deploying their first Virtual Machine (VM), organizations who want to eliminate their existing physical servers, and organizations that are already virtualized.

Worldwide corporations, large private enterprises, and universities have embraced virtualization and SAN storage. Unfortunately, due to the costs associated with licensing, server hardware, and SAN storage, most private companies and individuals have been priced out of these technologies. With VMDK Hosting, these concerns no longer prevent our customers from advancing their abilities and performance.

From start to finish, VMDK Hosting will provide you: a plan, a solid foundation, and a proven track record of performance.

VMDK Hosting
Package #1

VMDK Hosting entry package is geared towards customers that have built their virtual machine locally. The VM is ready to be FTP'd to our infrstructure or is ready to be sent on a USB device.

Virtual Machine Hosting Packages

Virtual Machine
Package #1

Virtual Machine Hosting for customers with many virtual machines that are ready to deploy. There might be a need for vCenter access, backend private IP networking, private clusters, high IOPS, or other features of a full Virtual Machine deployment.

Virtual Machine Hosting Packages

P2V Conversion
Package #1

P2V Conversion for customers who have existing infrastructure on physical machines that require conversion to virtual machines. Linux or Windows VMDK Hosting provides profession services to design, convert, and test your new virtualization environment.

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We needed to get 3 VMs online quickly. From start to finish VMDK Hosting got us online within 24 hours. We FedEx'd a USB drive to them and they imported the VMs. Very Impressed!

Eric Sprutz - Tampa, FL

I had many old 4U Linux boxes at a hosting company I had used since the early 2000s. My business had changed and the need for a rack full of servers was over. The team at VMDK Hosting provided an action plan and was able to P2V convert all of my servers and move them. My entire operation is now Virtual Machines and using SAN storage. I could not be happier with the process and the cost savings is incredible.

Bruce - Akron, OH

We needed Virtual Machine Hosting. Our prior host had us setup on commodity hardware, local discs, etc. and was charging us premium pricing for old technology. We now have HA and SAN storage.

Steve Wesco - San Jose, CA