Windows 2008 Hosting:

Windows 2008 Hosting

Windows 2008 Hosting:

Windows 2008 officially went "End of Support" on January 14, 2020. After this occured, most hosting companies stopped supporting their customer base using Windows 2008 servers.

VMDK Hosting offers full hosting for your Windows 2008 servers!

If you have physical servers that need to virtualized, we offer full P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversions at no charge.
Existing VMs can be uploaded via FTP or sent to us on a USB drive. We accept all formats of VMs!
Please Note: All Windows 2008 are required to utilize our dedicated firewall appliance offering to ensure the VMs are adequatedly protected from hacking attempts. The cost per month for the firewall is $15.
Contact us today to discuss your Windows 2008 Hosting and/or P2V needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer and technical support to our clients on a true 24/7 basis. We have certified professionals on staff who are available to provide customized virtualization solutions. Our highly trained, seasoned technical support team are in the United States and Europe.

Windows 2008 Hosting Locations:

Our High Availability hosting utilizes a total of three different data centers strategically located in the USA and in London, UK. We strive to provide our customers with geographic diversity and a global network for high availability and disaster recovery.

Data Center 1: New York City, New York

Data Center 2: Atlanta, Georgia

Data Center 3: London, England (UK)

Facilities Overview:

Fire Protection: Pre-Action, early warning

Monitoring: Mission Critical Systems, surveillance, access control

Multiple Commercial and Generator Power Feeds

SAS70 Type II Compliant

SSAE-16 Type II Compliant

Security: 24x7x365